Our horse safari groups are small, and we ensure personal attention is given to our guests. We choose our camping locations for their natural beauty and ambience, enhancing the natural surroundings for a romantic feel. Lanterns and candle light set the scene where nature and an “old Africa” feel does the rest. Set near natural rock pools or open plains, our fly camp offers comfort in a setting where you are one with nature.
Our partnering lodges allow for diversity and comfort while on safari, with exceptional standards and great game viewing in their surroundings.
Out in Africa Encounters was started in 2012 and has stayed true to the concept of providing a wilderness experience without having to “rough it”. A feminine touch prevails and attention to detail can be noticed throughout the experience.
We make sure that every day is special, discovering new areas, terrain and wildlife.

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Experience a horse safari


Travel as the first settlers did many years ago –Listen to the rhythmic sound of hooves galloping on paths used only by animals, the horses breathing braking the silence…the pungent aroma of horse sweat in the air – To discover this area of South Africa, its wildlife and nature from the back of your a is an overwhelming feeling. Experience a horse safari, pure adrenaline mixed with nature: this is horse riding at its very best. Whether you choose our 8 day luxury adventure ride, which combines lodges and fly camp along the route – or our private safari with all the comforts of a lodge environment, you will experience an adrenaline packed horseback safari up close to Africa’s animals in tune with nature and the untouched surrounding.
The ever changing scenery and variety of wildlife from the back of a horse.

Out in Africa Encounters

The word Safari means long journey in Swahili. Out in Africa Encounters goes back to the original meaning of the word, and takes you off the beaten track and close to nature on an African safari which is true to the meaning of the word.

Out in Africa Encounters goes back to the original meaning of the word, and takes you off the beaten track and close to nature on an African safari which is true to the meaning of the word.
Here is some information to help you plan your horseback safari and choose the right type of ride for your holiday.
A significant distance is covered on a daily basis, through Entabeni Reserve, where guests can explore different habitats and encounter a wide array of animals along the way from horseback.
Here is some information to help you plan your trip and choose the right type of ride for your unforgettable holiday.

We offer two rides a month with a fixed departure date. The Big 5 Luxury adventure ride is an eight day package with a fixed program combining nights at different lodges and fly camp as you travel a route through the 22,000Ha Entabeni Reserve.

We also encourage private rides which can be tailor made, according to riding level and personal preference. There are possibilities of different lodge stays, fly camping and also riding on an area with non dangerous animals.
On all our rides the aim is to convey a feeling of traveling back in time, disconnecting form everyday life and taking time to absorb the peace and tranquility of an African safari.
On our eight day packages you will travel a route on horseback, combining different types of accommodation along the way. We combine lodges and fly camps on the upper escarpment located under the shadow of Entabeni Mountain, offering spectacular views of unspoilt ravines and wooded hillsides.
Our camps on the lower escarpment, offer a true African bush experience where the essence of the unspoilt wilderness of the Waterberg is combined with comfortable en-suite accommodation, creating an authentic atmosphere. 
Our Fly Camps are set up at a beautiful location in the bush, with natural rock pools, or views onto the plains which allow for lazing in the sun or swimming when water levels are high. Our canvas tents sleep two people and are designed to be set up and broken down in 24 hours. You will enjoy nature to the fullest, with a glistering fire in the evenings, white linnen and duvets, and lantern lit pathways.
If you would like to design your own safari, we can accommodate a minimum of two people and maximum of eight, on our private rides. This is ideal for people who can not travel on the set dates, or would like to base the ride at one or two lodges, or travel for a shorter number of days. Lodge based riding is ideal for the whole family, where you can return to the comfort of your lodge at the end of the day, to enjoy some of the many activities on offer, spa treatments or just relaxing at the pool during the mid day hours. Please contact us with your ideas and we will help you put together your dream holiday.


We are based at Entabeni Reserve “The Place of the Mountain” which is situated in the World Heritage “Waterberg Biosphere” of the Waterberg region.
Approximately a two and a half hour drive north of Johannesburg, where you will start you African safari on horseback. This 22 000ha malaria-free reserve boasts five eco-systems. The upper escarpment offers majestic craggy rock formations and wide-open grass plains. This is separated from the lower plateau by 600m high cliffs. The lower escarpment is approximately three degrees warmer and comprises sandveld vegetation and a series of wetlands.
We can arrange private shuttle transfers from and to Johannesburg airports.